Sony Music tweeted that Britney Spears is Dead

28 Dec, 2016

On Monday 26th of December Sony Music Official twitter account tweeted a horrible news that Britney Spear is dead. As just a day before there was a news about death of Michael George.  So people were shocked what is going on. People were really curious about this so,  it came up with a reality that Sony music twitter account was hacked on Monday, so that cyber attacker wrote Britney Spears dead. The worse thing was that the follow up tweet says RIP Britney 1981- 2016, while memorizing her. Few minute later another official twitter account says that Britney is not dead and the twitter account of Sony Music was compromised.  The tweet was like that, Happy Britney Spear is not dead.  It was said that famous icons were lost in 2016, so people would not bear her loss too.  CNN also reported that she is alive and it was tweeted due to compromise account.

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